How does it work?

Groups of any size are welcome. Tours are by reservation only…so please call ahead of time to make reservations.
We ask you to call again a day or two before the actual trip date to confirm the final headcount. This way we will know how many lunches to prepare.

The day of the tour

On the day of the tour, plan to get to Bellville and arrive at Newman’s Bakery around 10:30am.
Newman’s Bakery is located in the heart of Bellville, close to the historical square. A guide will join you to escort you out to the castle, approximately 5 miles out in the country. The tour and lunch will last about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

After visiting the Castle

After visiting the castle, you can come back into Bellville where there are many other things to see and do. Below are a few contacts for additional information. After your tour around town, we suggest you return to Newman’s Bakery for a final rest stop. We have quite a few good sweets to indulge in and take home.

Thank you,
Mike Newman

Additional Info: Helen Gabig (979-865-5445), who is with the local historical society, can get on your bus and give you a guided tour around town, stopping at several places of interest. The Bellville square has quite a few antique & boutique shops which are open for your visit.

Also recommended:

Bellville Meat Market 979-865-5782 Renowned for their excellent sausages.
Bellville Chamber 979-865-3407
The Blacksmith Shop/Phenix Knives 713-724-6813
Rocking ‘B’ Cowboy Supply 979-865-1458