Experience the old world charm of Newman’s Castle, a one-of-a-kind custom creation hidden just outside of Bellville in the rolling countryside.

The castle features a moat (watch out for gators!), a massive working 3,000 lb. drawbridge with an accompanying portcullis, a chapel, five round corner turrets, a courtyard, and a central keep with a dramatic view of the surrounding lands. A perimeter wall encompasses the castle, ensuring you are safe from oncoming marauders during your visit.

Castle tours

Newman’s Castle is available for day tours 6 days a week and special events. Reservation are required.
The castle hosts weddings, wine tastings, birthday parties, and any other special occasion.
Call the bakery today at 979-865-9804 to check availability and reserve your date.

How do tours work?

Groups of any size are welcome. Please call ahead of time to make reservations.
We ask you to call again a day or two before the actual trip date to confirm the final headcount. This way we will know how many lunches to prepare.

The day of the tour

On the day of the tour check in at Newman’s Bakery at 504 E. Main St. by 10:30am.
Newman’s Bakery is located on Main Street just a short distance from Bellville’s historic downtown square. At the Bakery you’ll be given directions to the Castle, which is approximately 5 miles out in the country. The tour and lunch will last about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

After visiting the Castle

After visiting the castle, you can come back into Bellville where there are many other things to see & do.
Be sure to check out our Friends page for links to more incredible things to see & do in and around Bellville. After exploring around town, we suggest you return to Newman’s Bakery for a final rest stop. We have quite a few good sweets to indulge in and to take home.

Thank you,
Mike Newman